Our Pedagogy

Sustainable Innovations (SI) is dedicated to developing careers in cannabis. Our success hinges on training experts to be leaders in the cannabis industry. That means our employees and partners need to be trained beyond just the law. Employees and students at SI will learn how to effectively manage cannabis enterprises. This includes proficiency pathways in the following areas:

Cultivation Extraction Processing
Administration Finance Research
Manufacturing/Engineering Operations/Facility Management IT/Technology
Retail Marketing Sales


Explore the resources on this page as a starting point on your educational journey.

Our Facility

Our 33,000 sq ft facility was originally designed as a data and disaster recovery center for a defense contractor. The facility provides unparalleled security and environmental systems that have been optimized to create an organic growing environment that is second to none. Our second floor is dedicated to our Vocational and Research Center.

Our Academic & Community Partnerships

In addition to our own curriculum, Sustainable Innovations has partnered with Kishwaukee College on their community college cannabis vocational pilot program. At present, the Illinois Department of Agriculture aims to license at least 8 of these programs within the state. By 2021, these colleges will be allowed to start training interested students.

If you are interested in learning more about our educational pathways program or career development, use this form to contact us.


Educating the public about cannabis is also one of our biggest priorities. Whether you’re a medical patient, a recreational customer, or someone who’s just curious about cannabis, our experts provide our customers with the information they need to enjoy cannabis products safely and responsibly.